Dave Lee, Overseer

Hi! I’m Dave. I’m an entrepreneur, marketer, optimist, and sales junkie. I’ve been on the Internet since 1987 (I no longer have a mullet) and involved with web-based software for over 15 years. My superhero skill is to call my shot and make it happen. After receiving an MBA in 2000, I discovered I love building and growing startup companies. In early 2005, I joined Infusionsoft and grew the business from $600k to over $17 million in recurring revenue over a five-year period. Having driven success for other businesses, in 2011, I decided to start creating my own ventures, including PlusThis.

Despite wearing a mullet in the 80s, I’ve been fortunate enough to do some pretty cool things over the years. I received an EXPY award for Media and Communications and was also named a Warrillow Marketer of the Year finalist. I helped Infusionsoft achieve the prestigious Inc. 500 award three years in a row. I’ve been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox television affiliates speaking on marketing automation and small business success, and was quoted in Forbes Magazine as one of America’s PremierExperts™. I’ve also been featured in CNBC, Reuters, MarketWatch, and Yahoo Finance, among other notable news outlets throughout the country.

I love skiing, wakesurfing, and kiteboarding (by far, the hardest sport I’ve learned). My current dream car is the BMW i8 and I’ve always wanted to spend a week heli-skiing in Alaska or Canada. For me, family comes first. I have an amazing wife and three young boys that keep me on my toes.

Todd Stoker, Maker

I am a (mostly) self-taught web developer and have been in and around the internet since I was 10. I have a passion for technology and leveraging it to serve people. Web technology is especially exciting because it is always evolving, enabling more and better opportunities to make a difference.

I have a degree in Computer Information Systems from Arizona State University and have been working with Infusionsoft since 2009.

I love to experiment and tinker. I spend much of my day testing new libraries and services, seeing how others solve complex problems. I am most happy when I’m able to put to practice new ideas or improve on something I did in the past. I also enjoy gaming, reading and eating. ?

Bryce Christiansen, Charmer

Greetings! I’m a marketer, writer and creator. I’ve had quite an interesting career in marketing so far. My first marketing job was as a consultant for Microsoft, Dell, and Nestle, helping them train their people and promoting their products. (I don’t miss melting to death inside a Nestle bunny suit anymore.) From there I’ve worked in sales selling IT services. But for the last 5 years I was the head of marketing for an executive coaching company.

I’ve created award winning sites including one Forbes featured in their “Top 100 Sites for Your Career” list. I’ve consulted executives at Google, Apple, SAP and more around personal branding and other marketing initiatives. I’m personally passionate about creating engaging content that helps educate customers on solving their business problems.

When I’m not working I enjoy being a huge dork. I love comic books, board games and audio books. I also like getting outdoors, usually taking my dog and a paddle board with me. I’m a two time cancer survivor with a can do attitude. I look forward to getting to know the PlusThis community and helping you all get more leads and conversions.

Ronnie Richmond, Professor

Hi!  My experience is a bit of a winding road that brought me to PlusThis.  It started by seeking out an opportunity to utilize my love of art and getting my bachelor’s degree in graphic design.  After graduating with my undergraduate I pursued a career in graphic design for many years.  I have done both 2D and 3D graphics for print and web, as well as some freelance work.  I helped to build a company’s entire image from the ground up including web, print and social media. My greatest accomplishment in the art and graphics industry was illustrating a published book which is titled Managing Emerging Risk.

I then decided to take my knowledge and passion for helping others and pursue a master’s degree in higher and post-secondary education.  With my experience in design, technology, sales, and my master’s degree in teaching, I went on to become the Manager for Online Customer Success at Weebly.  I used my experience in web space and education to teach small business owners best practices for online sales, marketing, and design.  After doing this for a while myself, I then trained other consultants to do the same.

In my free time I run a recreational kickball team. I enjoy spending as much time with my friends and family as possible.  I’m a huge fan of most things Disney, and I’m always up for a new adventure.

Kyle Hale, Money-Maker

I’ve had a more than interesting string of events lead me to my home here at PlusThis. I originally moved from Los Angeles to the Phoenix area to finish my degree in biology in hopes of going to either medical school or pharmacy school. After deciding to take a break due to stress, I branched out into sales and technology. After stints at Weebly and American Express, I found my way here, and couldn’t be happier to be a part of the team.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy cooking, baking, catching up on my favorite comics, gym time, and playing in a recreational kickball league with a few of my colleagues here at PlusThis.

Amy Porter, Alchemist

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be here. A few things to know about me…

I moved around the nation and jumped between a ton of different jobs before I took the leap and settled here at Plus This. Throughout all of my traveling and moving I learned that I wanted to be somewhere where I could help people learn and improve every day while cultivating an environment where I could have the same benefits.

I believe that no matter how perfect something seems, there is always something new to learn to make it better. So when I’m not working there’s a good chance you’ll find me dabbling in various online courses, or experimenting with new recipes and trying to create my own versions of various dishes.

Rick Simon, Pioneer

Hey there!  I’m Rick.  Here at PlusThis I’m the developer.  I love learning and teaching myself new programming languages.  I have an altruistic side and many weekends you’ll find me helping others with their websites.

My hobbies include thirsty Thursday kickball, and slip n slides, sometimes even without water.  I’m sure I would love long walks on the beautiful beaches of Maui, but since I’m not headed there anytime soon I like long walks along the local canals. Occasionally you’ll find me swimming in them.  I enjoy cooking and can make a mean breakfast sandwich.

Kara Moore, Office Glue

I am the office manager. My background is in office management and administrative roles. My love of organization can be traced back to when I was a kid and my sister would pay me her allowance to clean her room for her.

I love spending time with my family. Our favorite thing to do together is to go bowling or to take our jet ski out to the nearby lakes. My entire family loves the Seattle Seahawks (can you guess where I’m from??) so don’t be surprised if you find me representing my team on Blue Friday and on game days.

Dylan King, Fixer

Howdy! I’ve been making my way in technical problem solving and service since I could legally work. I love getting into the grit of issues and solving them one by one. I’ve been pressing the on/off switch as tech support for two years, and am always on the look out for more effective ways to work.

In my free time, I like to talk with my pop and sister, ‘hike’ (more like fall down mountains,) read, and listen to collegiate lectures. At the moment, I’m enrolled in college working on my degree in Psychology to further pursue my interest for problem solving.

Rafaella DeSantis, Connector

With over 10 years experience in sales and marketing, plus working with numerous industry leaders, I have learned there are two things in business I love to do- help companies grow and help them run smoother.

Whether I am consulting as a project manager or as a partner manager, I believe these pairings can be a win-win for everyone. I love finding partners that have a need for certain products and services, then supporting them in a way that helps them be successful. When a deal is done, both parties should walk away feeling fulfilled and excited. I strongly believe that when everyone wins, companies find growth faster, and there is always enough to go around!

Although I am a big extrovert and love attending conferences, events and traveling, I also have a big introverted side. In my free time, you will sometimes find me writing, meditating or drinking my coffee at the beach reflecting on life. I also love to sing. I work with a voice coach and have a goal of performing one day.