Do You Need...

Drip Integrations for GoToWebinar or Zoom?

SMS Messaging and Automation?

Facebook Retargeting and Syncing?

Countdown Timers and More?

What's PlusThis?

PlusThis is a popular add-on library for marketing automation software...coming soon to Drip.

Some of our popular add-ons include:

  1. GoToWebinar and Zoom Integration
    Automatically import your registrants, add calendar links, tag contacts for attending or missing the webinar and more
  2. SMS Messaging
    Send SMS messages, create text to opt-ins, and conditional SMS with Drip.
  3. Facebook Retargeting and Syncing
    Retarget Facebook ads and sync your Facebook Custom Audiences as contacts progress through your workflows.
  4. Video Triggers and Tagging
    Know who watched your videos and tag them based on how long they watch. Useful for creating follow-up based on your contact's participation level.

What's Coming to Drip?

As PlusThis enters Beta we will have a better idea of what existing features we can move over to Drip. Any features listed here may or may not end up in the launch of our Drip integration.

Can I Join The Beta?

Yes. When we approach launch, we'll reach out to invite you to the exclusive beta.

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