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Explore the library of PlusThis features. Increase the capabilities of your Infusionsoft marketing with dozens of features that allow you to increase leads, conversions and automation.

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Tag contacts when they take action (purchase, click, etc) during certain timeframes.

Smart Links – POPULAR

Make links and forms that take people to different destinations based on their tags, fields or email status.

Build a check-in system for your in-person events using Infusionsoft.

Stop Infusionsoft from flooding your contacts with emails when people opt-in for multiple lead gen campaigns.

Tag contacts when they reply to your emails.

Tag contacts based on how long they visit your web page.

Add scarcity to your campaigns by rewarding bonuses to the first “x” people who buy, opt-in or take action

Make a survey that is embedded directly inside of your emails. Tags contacts based on their responses.

Video Triggers – POPULAR

Tag contacts after they watch “x” amount of your videos.


Automate syncing of your Infusionsoft contacts to Facebook Custom Audiences.

Sync Facebook Lead Ads with Infusionsoft.


SMS Sequences – NEW

Add contacts with a text-to-opt-in feature as well as tag them based on their responses.

SMS Messaging – POPULAR

Send one off SMS messages for reminders, tips and hints or other one way use cases.

Contact Validator – NEW

Find out if the number is a mobile, VOIP or landline. As well as automatically add country codes.


GoToWebinar – POPULAR

Register, track and follow-up with GoToWebinar attendees.

ZoomWebinar – NEW

Register, track and follow-up with Zoom Webinar attendees.

WebinarJam – NEW

Register guests and store webinar details for use in follow up emails.


Date Calculator – POPULAR

Calculate a date and store it inside of Infusionsoft. For example, tell Infusionsoft to store a “trial end date” 30 days after this form is filled out.

Countdown Timer – POPULAR

Make a countdown timer that counts down to a custom date linked to your contact.

How Much Time is Between Two Events

Calculate the time between two events such as when a contact is created and when they purchased.

Humanize Infusionsoft Dates

Convert an Infusionsoft computer date 01/01/2016 to a human date…Friday, January 1st.

Display an Evergreen Date

Place a dynamic date on your site tied to a contact field from Infusionsoft.



Do math inside of your custom fields. Useful for loyalty programs.

Combine Fields

Combine two fields. For example, a first and last name field to generate a full name.

Filebox Uploader – POPULAR

A simple way for contacts to upload files to their Infusionsoft contact record.

Make a Note

Automate adding a note to a contact record when this feature is run.

Tag Associated Records

Let’s you tag anyone with the same field value when they hit this feature in your campaign.

Set Owner

A simple feature that sets the owner of a contact record to the user that created the record.

Format Text Fields

Format your text fields so they are all consistent. Great for things like, capitalizing the first letter of all your “First Name” fields.

Easy Opt-out

For those times when you need to blacklist someone from your marketing.

Gimme an Update Link

For advanced use cases. Appends a contact ID to a link in a custom field.

Run an Action Set

A cool tool for running action sets inside your campaigns.

Set Field

A simple feature that sets a field to a value you type or copy from another filed.

Split Name

Let’s you separate full name fields into first name and last name fields

Chain, schedule or bulk send PlusThis features.

Tag contacts based on email opens or clicks.


Split test pages contacts go to from an Infusionsoft email.

Split Test Emails – POPULAR

Split test emails inside of Infusionsoft campaigns.

Calculate Customer Value

Calculate your customers’ total purchases, average spend and total spend.

Export Saved Searches from Infusionsoft to a Google Sheet.

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