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Create a Button, or Link, That Can be Put on Web Pages, Thank You Pages and in SMS Messages

Configure a button to either apply a tag or trigger an API goal for the customer that clicked on it.


Enter a Fallback URL Option

If the execution comes across an error the contact will be redirected to a page other than the original URL.

Two Action Options

If your CRM allows it, you can apply a tag, or trigger an API goal. You can specify which by using the toggle switch.

Direct Customers to a URL of Your Choice

Once the action link has been clicked on and the actions have been executed the customer will be directed to a URL of your choice.

Create a Button of Your Choice

Create a button, or link, that can be put on web pages, thank you pages or in an SMS message.

How to Create an Action Link That Applies a Tag When Clicked On


“Amazing Plugin for Infusionsoft. I use the SMS Sequences Tools to create an almost Artificial Intelligence chat with my prospective clients to make sure that they show up to their consultation appointments. Along with the Humanize Date Tool, I am able to make it seem to the prospect that I am actually interacting with them – when in reality its PlusThis doing all the work.”

-Mr. S.J. Shah

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