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Verify whether a phone number or email address is valid

Find out if the number is a mobile, VOIP or landline. As well as automatically add country codes.


Validate a phone number

Automatically apply tags when a phone field is valid, invalid or left blank.

Validate an email address

Automatically apply tags when an email field is valid, invalid or left blank.

Validate a country code

Validate a country code and automatically update the phone number to the correct format.

Identify phone type

Determine whether a phone number in a phone field is a mobile, landline or VOIP number.

How to Validate Contact Phone Numbers & Emails


“Amazing Plugin for Infusionsoft. I use the SMS Sequences tools to create an almost Artificial Intelligence chat with my prospective clients to make sure that they show up to their consultation appointments. Along with the Humanize Date tools, I am able to make it seem to the prospect that I am actually interacting with them – when in reality its PlusThis doing all the work.”

-Mr. S.J. Shah

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