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Create dynamic dates, timed offers and calculate dates by specifying various calculations to perform on a starting date.

Stores a date in a custom field “x” days after the feature is run, a tag is applied, a sale is made and find the Nth occurence or Nth day.


Create dynamic timed offers

Store dynamic dates for your timed offers. Set a date “x” days in the future. Then merge this date into your emails reminding leads when your offer ends.

Simple setup

Set a date “x” days after a feature is run, a contact is made, a tag is applied or an order is purchased. Then store this date in a custom field.

Find the Nth day

Find the Nth occurrence of a day of the week. Find the Nth day of a month. Add or subtract a static number of months or days.

Store when a tag is applied

Know when your contacts are having tags applied. Store the final date result in a contact field. Or store the number of days or months between specified dates.

How to Set Free Trial End Dates and Merge Them Into Your Emails

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– Cole James

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