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Track Attendance and Follow-Up With Your Guests at In-Person Events

Manage in person events inside of PlusThis. Check your guests in as they attend your events, tag people as attended and follow-up accordingly.


Print tickets/badges

Create a QR code and badge that can be scanned as people arrive to your in-person events.

Tag guests who attend

Automatically tag guests as they attend your in-person events as you scan their QR code or manually check them in.

View attendee info

As you check people in, see any information from their contact record you’d like such as seating arrangements, food preferences, survey answers, etc.

Simple to use dashboard

Perform all of your event administration from one simple dashboard including checking guests in, looking up their information and pulling up their badge.

How to Setup Recurring Events


“We had 2000 people attend our event and it was a complete success. We’re even getting reviews about how ‘organized’ the event was. I, for one, am thrilled that I was able to actually track WHO showed up so easily.”

-Kristin Moore, The Gymnastics Coach –

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