Tools > File Box Uploader

Allow your contacts to upload files to their contact record.


Enable upload wizard to rename each file

When the upload wizard is enabled, you can rename each file and apply a tag after each step.

Upload multiple files

When the upload wizard is disabled, multiple files can be uploaded at the same time.

Specify which file types can be uploaded

With the upload wizard you can provide instructions at each step, and specify which file types are eligible for upload.
Apply a tag to the record when the file is uploaded and rename, merging in contact data from their record. The “Add File Upload Step” button adds another step that directs users to upload an additional file.

How to Have Your Contacts Upload Files to Their File Box


“PlusThis Rocks! It is very easy to set up and involves absolutely no programming or API knowledge. I use it myself and recommend it to my clients.”

-Laura Tallman

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