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Reward the first “x” people who purchase, opt-in or take action

An easy way to give bonuses, discounts or other rewards to the first handful of people who take you up on your offers.


The first 10 people to buy...

Get this amazing bonus! Scarcity triggers are an easy way to implement limited offers based on the first people to take action.

Easy to set up

Simply pick a tag. Pick how many total people you want to give the bonus to. Then insert your tool.

Tiered incentives

Tier your rewards so the first 10 get the best bonus, the next 10 get a good bonus and the rest get the regular offer.

Automate Scarcity

No need to manually count how many people have bought so you know when to turn off your bonus. PlusThis monitors and automates delivery for you.

How to Give a Bonus to The First X People Who Buy


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