Tools > Split Test Emails

Split test emails, sequences and pages from inside Infusionsoft


Choose your URL's or tags

Choose the url’s you want to split or tags for the sequences you are splitting.

Decide when you'd like to choose the winner

You can pick a number of conversions or set a date for your split testing to decide a winner.

Indicate a tag for success

Pick a tag that indicates a successful conversion. For example, maybe a tag after a purchase on a sales page or a tag that indicated a prospect signed up for your upcoming webinar.

Place your link or http post

Place your new PlusThis link for your split testing of pages or http post for emails and sequences.

How to Split Test Your Emails


“PlusThis Rocks! It is very easy to set up and involves absolutely no programming or API knowledge. I use it myself and recommend it to my clients.”

-Laura Tallman

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