How it Works?

Every feature in PlusThis performs a specific function. However, the possibilities for how you want to use the feature are endless. Explore this page to see how it works, popular use cases and idea guides.

  • 1. Choose your urls/tag

    Choose the url’s you want to split or tags for the sequences you are splitting.

  • 2. Indicate a tag for success

    Pick a tag that indicates a successful conversion. For example, maybe a tag after a purchase on a sales page or a tag that indicated a prospect signed up for your upcoming webinar.

  • 3. Decide when you'd like to choose the winner

    You can pick a number of conversions or set a date for your split testing to decide a winner.

  • 4. Place your link or http post

    Place your new PlusThis link for your split testing of pages or http post for emails and sequences.

Popular Use Cases

Split Test Thank-you Pages: You want to know which upsell converts best so you split test upsells on your thank you pages. After 30 days you have your results and now can use the highest converting upsell going forward.

Auto choose a winner: Most split tests don’t have anything built in to decide the winner for you automatically and then run the remaining traffic solely to the winning page or sequence. Ours does.

Split Test Thank-you Pages

Custom Conversion Goals

Auto Choose a Winner

Custom Conversion Goals: Not all goals have to be a purchase. Sometimes you might want to A/B test landing pages for your webinars to see which converts more registrants.

“I use the Split Testing product to direct existing customers away from promotions. It’s why I’ve grown my business so well with Infusionsoft over the years. I can’t imagine what I’d do without it!”

– Christian Isquierdo, LeftFoot Coaching Academy –

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