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Video Triggers will tag contacts based on the amount of time the contact has viewed your Youtube playlist.

By applying tags at strategic points in a video, you can trigger important follow-up with those contacts.


Embed code

Embed Code: First, provide your embed code and click “Next Step”.

Apply a tag

Specify a number of minutes and seconds you would like the visitor to watch of the entire playlist before applying a tag(s).

Track How Much of Your Playlist Your Contact Has Watched


“Amazing Plugin for Infusionsoft. I use the SMS Sequences Tool to create an almost Artificial Intelligence chat with my prospective clients to make sure that they show up to their consultation appointments. Along with the Humanize Date Tool, I am able to make it seem to the prospect that I am actually interacting with them – when in reality its PlusThis doing all the work.”

-Mr. S.J. Shah

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