How to Create an Automated SMS Consultation Follow-up With Conditional SMS
Features Used: SMS Sequences

I want to follow-up with my consultation prospects the day before they’re registered to attend via SMS. In the text, I ask if they are still planning to attend the next day. If yes, everything goes forward as planned. If they respond “no”, they are automatically invited to reschedule.

Sync GoToWebinar With Infusionsoft
Features Used: GoToWebinar Integration

I want handle GoToWebinar registrations, event reminders and targeted post-webinar follow-up from my Infusionsoft account.

How to Integrate Facebook Lead Ads With Infusionsoft
Features Used: Facebook Lead Triggers

I want to run a Facebook Lead Ad and have their offer delivered immediately from my Infusionsoft app.

How to Sync Zoom Webinar with Infusionsoft
Features Used: Zoom Webinar Connector

I want handle Zoom registrations, event reminders and targeted post-webinar follow-up from my Infusionsoft account.

How to Create a One Click Registration Process For Your Webinars
Features Used: Zoom Webinar Connector, GoToWebinar Connector

I want to make it easy for people already on my list, to register for a GoToWebinar or Zoom Webinar without having to fill out a separate form on another page.


How to Make an Expiring Offer That's Evergreen
Features Used: Smart Links

When somebody opts-in to my list, I want to give them 3 days to take advantage of my 50% off offer. After the 3 days, I want to make sure they don’t have access to the offer.

How to Send a Video to Someone, If They Watch The First One
Features Used: Video Triggers

I have three videos for new opt-ins to describe who we are and what we do. I only want to send one video at a time, delivering the next video in the series after the previous has been watched.

How to Set a ``Trial End Date`` When Someone Opts-In
Features Used: What's the Date, Humanize Infusionsoft Dates

I want to remind free trial customers at various intervals about their unique trial expiration date using the date their free trial ends.

How to Cycle Delivery of Multiple Lead Magnets
Features Used: Cycler

I have three reports for prospects who opt-in to my marketing. I want to send only the reports in which my prospects have shown interest.

How to Make an Infusionsoft Date Look ``Human``
Features Used: Humanize, Infusionsoft Dates

We send automated appointment reminders to prospects, and we don’t like the way dates are formatted in Infusionsoft emails.

How to Create a Limited Time Offering
Features Used: Time Frame Triggers,

How to create a limited time offer for a specified time frame.

How to Give a Bonus to the First ``X`` People Who Buy
Features Used: Scarcity Triggers

I want to provide a bonus to the first ten people who buy my product.

How to Give 20% Off to the First 10 People Who Buy
Features Used: Scarcity Triggers, Smart Links

I want to automate a way so the first 10 people who buy get 20% off while the rest pay full price.

How to Embed a Survey in Your Email and Tag Them Based on Their Answers
Features Used: Simple Email Survey

I want to embed a simple survey inside my email, tag them based on their answers and redirect them to different pages as well.

How to Create a Countdown Timer for Your Emails
Features Used: Countdown Timers

I want to create a countdown timer I can use directly inside of an email.

How to Make a Dynamic Video Series With Follow-up Based on Engagement
Features Used: Video Triggers, Math

I have a 4-part video series. I want to have one follow-up path for people who are engaged in at least 50% of half of the videos and another path for those who are less engaged.

Automation Ideas

How to Make an Automated Webinar
Features Used: Smart Links, Display Evergreen Date, Video Triggers

I want to create an automated webinar that shows a dynamic registration date set in the future. I want Infusionsoft to send out the attend link and follow-up with attendees and no shows. I also want the attend links to take someone to the auto webinar while it is live, and to different pages if someone clicks the link before or after the webinar should start.

How to Allow a Contact to Upload a File
Features Used: File Box Upload

I sell a membership that contains proprietary information that I don’t want people to steal and use for their own purposes, so after someone buys a membership, I have them sign an NDA to protect my material.

How to Send SMS Reminders From Infusionsoft
Features Used: SMS Messaging

I have found that sending a text message on the day of an appointment will greatly improve the chance the person will show up.

How to Setup Check-In for Recurring Events
Features Used: Easy Check-In

I run a gym, and we provide 3 classes. I want to keep track of attendance for each of these classes, and if registrants don’t show up for 2 weeks, I want to be notified so that I can reach out.

How to Automate Sending a Webinar Replay
Features Used: Email Triggers

I want to send non-attendees a webinar replay but only after they request it.

How to Setup a Free Trial In-Person Class
Features Used: Easy Check-In

I run a gym and we offer a free trial as a way to get more business. I want to automate as much of the process as possible.


How to Split Test Emails/Sequences
Features Used: Split Test Emails

I want to split test some emails or a sequence, and have Infusionsoft automatically choose a winner after a certain number of conversions which I set.

How to Export an Infusionsoft Saved Search to a Google Sheet
Features Used: Google Sheets Exporter

I want to automatically have my “hot leads” Infusionsoft saved search exported to a Google Sheet every week so my team can review it at their convenience.